GPS Tracking for Private And Govt Sector vehicles in Kerala

Private And Govt Sectors

It can provide actual time report about all your vehicles at a single point and give all statistics about movement at your fingertips which helps you ensuring the efficiency and safety.

GPS tracking for schools and educational institutions vehicles Kochi Kerala

Schools and Educational Institutions

It works to confirm the precaution and in time observance of vehicles for sharpness in operations.

Individual Vehicle GPS Tracking device dealer in Kochi Ernakulam Kerala

Individual Use

Real time knowledge on position of vehicles to restrict unwanted issues on precaution and it can be used to raise the help at the moment of accidents.

Commercial vehicle fleet management GPS device in Kochi Kerala

Delivery and Distribution

This system facilitate solution for extensive sorting out of performance and supports to plan and bettering their service to customers.


7SYS Track GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System

“7SYS Track GPS based vehicle tracking system“ is an effective device designed especially to track the vehicle on road, and as you know – nowadays people are searching a best way to track a vehicle, it is unique and it has everything that you would prefer from an ultimate system to get the accurate position of the vehicle. GPS based vehicle tracking system supports vehicle like an aura where real time auto tracking gives the advantages rather than the hoping. Kerala is a state with high potentiality, Cochin is the heart city of Kerala and in the roads thousands of vehicles are running. But, there is only few reliable brands are available. 7SYS Track Fleet Management System is there to track and trace your vehicle.

As a present day reality, life is too mechanized and city life is tensed with many problems, a best way to track a vehicle can reduce the anxiety and tension where 7SYS Track GPS based vehicle tracking system works effectively. Life is becoming more complicated, experiencing peace and relax is not so easier. If a vehicle undergoes automobile tracking would never tries gaming on road. Vehicles causes added headaches and mental strain (due to many reasons), to avoid such miserable condition – think wise and install 7SYS Track GPS based vehicle tracking system in your vehicle and feel the peace and rest of mind, simply monitor the exact movements of your vehicle and live tense free. Real time auto tracking is a factor which keeps the vehicle away from troubles. This datum has everything to facilitate the security of the vehicles and successfully traces the passage pointing. Automobile tracking in a proper manner is an important factor in every aspect. Cochin is turned a metro city and life’s blooming in every aspect, 7SYS Track Fleet Management System supports the vehicle owners with guaranteed and effective monitoring on road ways.

7SYS Track GPS based vehicle tracking system is an excellent product introducing in Kerala, under the dexterous guidance of engineers, and the rate is too affordable. As a solution and best way to track a vehicle it is too dependable, the advanced technology ensures 100% guaranteed benefits to each and every vehicle owner, company, institution, hospital, school, service sector etc. Cochin is the city, where the corporate managements all over India prefers, Cochin is the business head quarters of Kerala - and 7SYS Track Fleet Management System plays an important role, and it’s a name to rely upon. It ensures peace and happiness to vehicle owners.

Real time auto tracking is a wise idea, the vehicles have to keep without causing financial loss. Here is the relevance of 7 SYS Track Fleet Management System, it’s truly dependable and excellent to deliver proper service, our customers, the vehicle owners experiences the advantages. GPS based vehicle tracking system keeps the global standard and un paralleled with unique features, automobile tracking is nothing harm but enlarges the security of each and every vehicle.

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Areas of Implementation

1. Individual Purpose

2.Business Concerns

3. Schools


5. Banks and Financial Institutions

6. Manufacturing Companies

7. Taxi Owners

8. Private Bus and Truck Owners
9. Distribution Companies

10. Courier Companies

11. Hotels

12. Furniture Companies

13. Home appliances Companies

14. Auto Dealers

15. Transport Boats and House boats

16. Govt. and Non Govt. Organizations

Features of 7SYS Track Vehicle Tracking System

We are part of many Govt. projects

We have experience in, handling Major Government Projects like GPS Tracking of Tanker Lorries, distributing Drinking Water in Drought prone areas- for Disaster Management Authority of Ernakulam and Thrissur Districts.


School Bus Tracking / School Bus Monitoring Systems-AIS-140 GPS Trackers approved by Kerala Govt.,C-DAC & KMVD

“At Seven Seas Hi Tech Systems, We put all our efforts on providing technology solutions which can make every life much easier and safe. We have advanced solutions for School Bus Tracking using GPS technology. By this, school management can Track and Monitor Driver Behavior and Vehicle Usage by collecting information on Speed of Vehicle, Over speed, travelled route, Live Tracking, Route deviations, Kilometre summery etc...

Govt.approved AIS-140 GPS for School Buses in Kerala- Empanelled by C-DAC as per KMVD standard to get RTO Fitness Certificate for School Buses . Head quarters in Cochin and service providing for quality GPS tracking devices through network spreading all over Kerala and other states of India. Schools providing Transportation Facility have the responsibility to ensure the security and safety of school children by tracking and monitoring of School Buses. CBSE Schools already made it mandatory to connect GPS devices in their Buses to monitor and track the movement

Customer Support

“We provide unmatched service and support to our valued customers across Kerala . We have dealers and associates in Trivandrum, Kollam, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Idukki, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Malappuram, Calicut (Kozhikode), Kannur, Kasargode, Vayanadu, Palakkad.

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At Seven Seas Hi Tech Systems, We put all our efforts on providing technology solutions which can make every life much easier and safe.

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